About MyBank

MyBank is one of central New Mexico’s largest locally-owned banks. MyBank offers everything the big banks offer while remaining dedicated to its mission of building relationships through exceptional personalized service and commitment to its community.


MyBank was founded in Belen, New Mexico in July 1992 as The Bank of Belen, and has served Valencia County and outlying areas since that time.

The original founders are native New Mexicans from Belen and Los Lunas, with local family roots that go back many generations. The bank was created on the foundation of quality and personalized service. Its philosophy has remained the same over the past 20 years, and has helped the bank’s ongoing success and growth.

To better reflect all the communities it serves, The Bank of Belen officially changed its name to MyBank in October 2006. The name change also motivated a redesign of the bank’s logo, and an upgrading of all MyBank branches.


MyBank has five branches in Belen, Rio Communities, Los Lunas, Albuquerque, and Mountainair. Get our contact and location information here.